The road of 100 days

Posted by Renbo (Treviso, Italy) on 29 September 2011 in Transportation and Portfolio.

Passo San Boldo is a pass that connects the two sides of the foothills of Belluno, that is Valmareno and Valbelluna. The road has a considerable historical importance. The original location date back to Roman times and was flanked by watchtowers (there are the ruins of one, Byzantine). Was instrumental in the connections between Treviso and Valbelluna: In addition to the shepherds, merchants and pilgrims had traveled from the rafters, the conductors of the rafts back down from the Piave di Cadore Belluno and then return by land.
During the nineteenth century are presented requests and plans for the construction of a new path easier, but work began only in 1914 under the direction of. Joseph Carpenito. With the invasion that followed the route of Kobarid, the work was completed by the Austrian military genius for strategic needs. It was an unforgettable (for which he was instrumental in the local workforce) as the work, which also saw the digging of five tunnels, was completed in record time, hence the nickname "road of 100 days" [1]


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